Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Just in dreamm :PP

Dear Mr Right , 
  1. Please appreciate what I've done to you. You're the only one that I trusted.
  2. Enjoy the little things or one day you will look back and regret. 
  3. Just be who you are. Not being hypocrite. 
  4. I'm just like how do you treat me.
  5. How do you smile to me.
  6. How do you talk to me.
  7. How do you call me.
  8. How do you give me an advice
  9. How do you trust me. 
  10. Im just love that. 
  11. I just want you to love me.
  12. Miss me every single second. 
  13. Trust me with your sincere heart.
  14. Kiss my forehead when I'm sad
  15. Just want you to say "for you I'll never give up".
  16. Hold my hand tightly and go to another world.
  17. Always be at my side when I need you.
  18. Also pray for us that we can live together till die.
  19. I just want like this ^ .

 Hiuuhiuuu sorry for the bad grammar :) Didaaaa gaiseee!